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Did you know that…
  • Maria began writing Perfect on Paper while getting paid to play soccer in Argentina?
  • Perfect on Paper was on the cover of the Life section of USA Today the day it came out?
  • Maria has spoken at the Harvard Women’s Leadership Conference …twice?
  • AmazonEncore chose to publish Perfect on Paper out of more than 10,000 titles it was evaluating?
  • Random House has published a German version of Perfect on Paper?
  • Maria shared her inspirational personal story with audiences across the country, including one of more than 2,000 at the Massachusetts Conference for Women?
  • Maria sells REAL Honey Notes from Perfect on Paper?
  • Maria is now offering a variety of consulting services to aspiring authors?
  • Maria is represented by the same speaker bureau as Guy Kawasaki?
  • Maria is hard at work on a new novel?

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