Writing tip: Start before you’re ready
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I’ll never forget when my older sister’s childhood friend Julie had her first child. She was in her early 30s at the time, and she said that even though she and her husband didn’t think they were ready for the responsibility of being parents, they decided to go ahead and do it because they realized that they would probably never be ready for that responsibility, even though they knew they wanted kids. I thought–and still think–that was one of the wisest things I’d ever heard.

In my opinion, if you want to write a book but are dragging your feet because you don’t feel you’re ready, you should take Julie’s self-awareness to heart. You may not feel like you’re ready to write a book, but when will you truly be ready? Probably not anytime soon, right? Writing a book is hard. Period. It takes discipline, mental effort, and a lot of time. It’s never going to be something you can do in a weekend.

I’m not suggesting you should start writing a book without an idea for a story. If you have trouble putting a sentence together and need to work on that first, you should. But if you have an interesting story that you want to tell, tell it. It really comes down to that. You can take as many writing classes as you want or put together as many outlines as you want, but be careful not to use those things as a method of procrastination. It’s always going to be easy to put off writing that first sentence/scene/chapter, but if you want to be an author, at some point you just have to sit down and start. You can do it!


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