Writing tip: Don’t let fear hold you back
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Despite the success I’ve had with my books, I still experience the same sense of fear every time I begin a new one: What if this one isn’t any good? What business do I have trying to write a book?

You’d think after seven novels I would be over this by now, but I’m not–at all! So if you want to write a book but are worried about what people are going to think about the end product, trust me, you’re not alone. (I imagine there are some authors out there who never suffer from the occasional bout of anxiety, but probably not many.)

Here’s what I recommend: when that feeling of panic hits, take a deep breath and ask yourself why you wanted to write a book in the first place. I’m guessing you wanted to do it for yourself and not for anyone else, right? So who really cares what anyone else thinks? This is what I tell myself when self-doubt begins to creep in. It’s not easy, but I try my best.

After several years of speaking with both aspiring and published authors at events across the country, I’ve come to the conclusion that while a lot of people say they want to write a book someday, or that it would be fun to write a book someday, there is a distinct breed of people out there: those who know they have a book inside them. If that’s the case for you, if there’s a story you just have to tell, stay true to yourself, and give birth to your book! No matter what happens to the manuscript once it’s done, the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel for having completed such a monumental goal will be reward enough. I promise.



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