Use Facebook to stay connected to your readers
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A great way stay connected to your fans is through Facebook. Here’s how I use it:

For my author fan page, I share the same things that I do in my newsletter, e.g. event photos, news about upcoming translations of my books, promotions for signed copies, photos of fans holding up my books (which encourages other fans to send me similar pictures), awards my books have won, etc.

In addition to my author fan page, I created a Facebook profile for Waverly Bryson, the protagonist of four of my novels. Every day I log in and see which of her friends are celebrating a birthday, and I’ll have her write each one a personalized birthday greeting. (If I’ve released a book within the past year I’ll also include a link to the first chapter as a “gift.”) Now and again I have Waverly comment on other people’s posts, and sometimes I even have her post funny photos or videos of her own. Sometimes Waverly’s friends post photos or notes about the Waverly Bryson books on her page, which I then “share” with all of her friends. It’s fun for my fans and fun for me: a win-win!

If right now you’re thinking “But I don’t I have any awards or event photos, etc.” why not post a photo of yourself working hard at your desk? Or do you write at Starbucks? How about a photo of that? Be creative! This is an art, not a science.

You can do it!





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