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In a recent post about book  marketing, I discussed how important it is to cast a wide net when reaching out to people and organizations about your book. Today I’d like to address the difference a personal touch can make once you’ve established contact with an individual who has agreed to help you in some way.

Personalizing a note just a little bit can make a big difference

Several weeks ago I received a donation request from a woman I consider a casual friend but whom I like very much. She was entering a bike race for charity, so I chipped in some money. A day or so later I received an e-mail from her and was excited to catch up a bit because I hadn’t seen her in over a year. However, when I opened the message I was disappointed to realize it was a short, generic thank-you for my support. There was nothing personal in the message. And you know what? It made me feel a little used. Maybe that’s childish on my part, but it’s how I felt, and most likely I won’t donate to her event next year.

Whenever I receive a message from someone about my books, whether it’s to let me know one will be featured in a newsletter, book club, review, etc., or just to tell me they’ve enjoyed reading them, I make a point of replying with a personal note. (If you’ve ever contacted me through my website, you will know this is true.) It’s important to me that my fans know how much I value their support, and that’s hard to do with a generic auto-reply.

Keep this in mind as you approach your book marketing. It’s completely fine to use stock copy about your book, but personalizing the messages even a little bit will make a big difference to the recipient. If you respect and appreciate people, people will respect and appreciate you back!



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