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Last fall my friend and fellow author Karen McQuestion invited me to participate in a blogroll. My first reaction was “What is a blogroll?” But once I learned the answer, I quickly agreed to participate, because I knew it was a good opportunity to get potential readers to come to my website and Amazon author detail page.

I love this image hahaha

In a blogroll, the proprietor of a blog answers a few questions (in this case the subject was “my writing process”) and then “rolls” the blog out to a couple other authors with a little introduction and links to their websites. The new authors then follow the same process: answer the same questions and pass it along.

A blogroll can drive traffic to your site (and your Amazon author detail page) in the following ways:

  • Via the content itself (if you’d like to read about my writing process, click here)
  • Via the post that comes before you (unfortunately Karen has recently revamped her website, so it’s no longer up.)
  • Via the post that comes after you (in my case my friends Jessica Massa and Rebecca Coale, who also include a thank-you to me in their post)
  • By attracting people who begin reading the blogroll in either direction and keep going until they land on your post

As I mentioned above, the blogroll Karen invited me to join is about the process of writing a book; however, I can think of many other equally interesting topics that could potentially generate a lot of interest. One that immediately jumps to mind is “What’s the most successful thing you’ve done to spread the word about your book?” If anyone reading this post decides to start that one, please let me know! I’d love to join. Hmm…maybe I’ll start it myself.


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