Two amazing days in Utah
On February 5, 2009 | 0 Comments | News & Events |

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Salt Lake City that I will never forget. On Monday night I spoke to the Delta Gamma house at the University of Utah. The members there were incredibly warm, enthusiastic and welcoming. After I was done telling my story, one girl even came up to me and said I was living the exact life she wanted to lead, including my soccer experience in Argentina. (The poor thing had a big brace on her knee from a recent injury; I wanted to hug her.) I was so touched to have inspired her like that.

The next night I spoke to the UC Berkeley alumni club of Salt Lake City, organized by my new BFF and club president Max Chang, who will probably be governor one day and may just be the nicest person I have ever met. After reading my book a couple months ago, Max emailed me and invited me to Utah to speak to the club, so I told my story to about 40 Cal grads and assorted friends of Max along for the ride. The reaction was, well, wonderful. People who hear what I’ve been through to get my book out there may think I am inspiring, but they don’t realize that their words of support and encouragement truly make all the hard work worthwhile to me. I am so grateful!

By the way, GO BEARS! (Had to put that in there for Max.)

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