To maintain focus, revere your writing time
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I once took a screenwriting class, and in our first session the professor emphasized how important it is to make our writing time “holy.”

When he said that, I found myself nodding in agreement. I thought of how easily I get distracted from my own writing because I don’t place enough value on the time I’m dedicating to it. There’s always something that gets in the way, right? Hmm, let me check my email! Hmm, I think I’ll get up and grab a snack! Hmm, I wonder if anyone has liked that photo I posted on Instagram! Hmm, maybe I’ll take a quick nap before I start! Does any of that sound familiar? If so, welcome to my world.

While the professor was talking about screenplays and not novels, writing is writing, and he was correct. To focus mentally and let the creative juices flow, it’s important to disconnect from all the distractions out there. He suggested designating a special place that is ONLY for writing to create an association effect. I have an overstuffed chair in my living room that works well for this. While my friends sit in that chair all the time, I use it only when I write, and over time I’ve begun to associate it with being creative. Now when I sit there, the temptations to procrastinate are still there, but they are much easier to ignore. That blue-and-white striped chair has become my “holy” space.

Do you have a special place in your home where you find that writing comes more easily to you? Or maybe a place outside your home, e.g. a coffee shop? I know an author who brings his laptop to his local pub when he’s working on a book. Whatever works, right?






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