To be a professional writer, make a professional impression
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I receive a lot of email messages from authors who read my blog. Many of them believe they have the next big thing in literature on their hands, so they reach out to me in hopes that I will spread the word. Unfortunately, however, their emails often lend the impression that their books are most likely not very good, or they don’t inspire me to get the word out. Here are three reasons why:


When you send someone an email in all caps, no matter what you write, IT COMES ACROSS AS SHOUTING. End of story. And right or wrong, this creates a negative impression. Nobody likes to open emails and feel as if someone is yelling at them.

Using all caps in an email comes across as SHOUTING

2. They use an unprofessional email address.

I always suggest that authors use a professional email address, e.g. When I receive an email from, it is hard to take the sender seriously. For contacting your friends or family, use whatever account you want. But if you’re reaching out to strangers and asking them to take you seriously as a writer, a professional address makes a much better impression.

3. They spell my name wrong.

My website is, and my email address is However, I get a lot of emails that begin with “Hi Marie” or “Hi Ms. Murname.” The senders who do this lose me before I even read their messages. How can I think of them as amazing writers with well-edited books and good attention to detail if they don’t even check that they have written my name correctly?

These are basic but important things to keep in mind the next time you’re conducting email outreach for your book. It’s usually the small things that make the biggest impressions!


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