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I don’t use Instagram to promote my books nearly as much as I should, but here are some things I’ve learned in the limited time I’ve spent with it:

  • If you download an app called Regrann, anytime someone tags you in a post, you can repost it. Then if a fan posts a photo of your book with a note about how much she’s enjoying it, you can share that post with your followers.

Apps such as Regrann allow you to share fan posts like this one

  • An app called PhotoGrid allows you to resize photos so they fit into the window of an Instagram post. (No more cut-off body parts!)
  • To keep your posts from looking cluttered, don’t use hash tags in the actual post. Instead, click the “comment” icon on the post and put them there. Anyone doing a search for the hash tags you choose will still find your posts, but the posts themselves will look less promotional.
  • People like to see posts related to “behind the scenes” life as an author. For example, I posted a photo of a note I wrote to my mom when I was a little kid. The note was filled with spelling errors, not indicative of a future career as a writer. For posts like these I use the hash tag #writerslife, which a marketing friend told me was popular.
  • People like posts with wine and chocolate in them!
  • Apps such as Boomerang allow you to make and post gifs directly to Instagram, as opposed to having to convert gifs to videos before posting them.

You can find me on Instagram @mariamurnanewriter.

If you have tips you’d like to share on what has worked for you, please do so in the comments!

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