Perfect on Paper in CVS!

Amazing news — I just found out that Perfect on Paper is being sold in 3,000 CVS stores across the United States! I’m so excited and still can’t really believe it. Supposedly the book is under an “Amazon-recommended titles” banner with just five other AmazonEncore books, so I’m honored that they chose mine. The others are The Grove by John Rector,  A Cruel Harvest by Paul Reid, Elizabeth Street by Laurie Fabiano, Final Price by Gregory Smith, and The First Assassin by John J. Miller. I imagine the other authors are as thrilled as I am, and I hope to meet some of them at Book Expo America in May!

I don’t know the exact CVS locations, but the team at AmazonEncore told me the South, California and Massachusetts. I live in New York, so if anyone happens to see a copy in a store, please take a photo and email it to me. I would LOVE that! My email address is mariaATmariamurnaneDOTcom. Thanks!

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Hi Maria!!!!

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