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Earlier this year, I wrote a post on grassroots marketing tips, and given how much traffic it got, I thought I’d write another one. Here are two things you should be doing on a regular basis:

1. Respond to reader emails.

I reply personally to every single reader email, and I’m always surprised at the reaction I get after doing so, which is usually something along the lines of “I can’t believe you wrote me back!” I find this baffling. Why wouldn’t I reply? I mean, unless you’re getting hundreds of fan emails a day, responding to reader emails doesn’t take much time at all. Plus, it’s fun! Whether they are contacting you with a compliment or a question about writing/publishing (I get a lot of both), thank them for getting in touch, and don’t hesitate to ask them to please tell their friends about your book.

2. Capture email addresses.

It’s important to keep track or who your fans are. I recommend using a free newsletter program such as Mailchimp (this also allows people to subscribe on your website), but if that feels too daunting at this point, at least put their email addresses in a database somewhere. When you receive a note from a reader, ask if it’s okay to add his or her name to your email list. (Note: don’t automatically do so, because you risk annoying that person.) Then, when you have news to share – e.g. milestones in sales, an award won, or maybe even a new book in the works – you’ll have a list of people who are happy to hear from you.

No matter who publishes your book, it’s important that you stay active in the promotional efforts.

Happy holidays!

-Maria 🙂

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