Marketing tip: Set up an Author Page on Amazon
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Did you know you probably have an Author Page on Amazon? Amazon automatically creates Author Pages for most authors, but if you haven’t claimed yours, you aren’t taking full advantage of this option. Setting it up on Amazon’s Author Central site is easy, free, and a great way to connect with readers. In addition to information about your book(s), your page can include your photo and bio (where you can include your e-mail address, a link to your Facebook page or website or anything else you want to share with readers), your tweets and blog posts, even video! There’s also a “Follow” button under your profile image that allows anyone to connect with you and receive notifications if you write additional books. (In my opinion, that feature alone is worth creating a page.)

My page features my books, my bio, my tweets, even a video!

Your current and future fans can find your Author Page either by typing your name into the search box on Amazon or by clicking on your name on the detail page of your book(s). Once you have an Author Page set up, a hyperlink will automatically appear under your name on the detail page.

I regularly get e-mails from authors who say they want to promote their books but don’t have the money or the time. This is something you can do without either of those things. It’s also an effective stand-in for a website if you don’t have one.

Okay, time to stop reading and get moving. Set up your Author Page now. I’m not techy at all, and I was able to do it with no problem. So no excuses, chop-chop! I promise you’ll be glad you did.



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Maria Murnane Posted March 2, 2016 at11:33 am   Reply

Hi there- if your book isn’t in English or listed on Amazon, I honestly have no idea. I’m sorry!

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