Marketing tip: Send thank-you notes!
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When’s the last time you received a hand-written thank-you note in the mail? Or sent one? If you’ve done either in recent years, you’re probably in the minority. So think what a positive impression you can make by sending one when appropriate. Everyone likes to feel appreciated!

Here are some examples of where a physical note could (not will—no guarantees in book promotion!) make a difference in your marketing efforts:

  • A reviewer who has a mountain of books in her to-be-read (TBR) pile. A friendly card thanking her for taking the time to read yours might bump it to the top of that stack. (Note: be sure to sign the book with a personalized inscription.)
  • The editor of an alumni publication that mentioned your book. Your gesture might open the door to other opportunities for coverage down the road, e.g. a profile, or an invitation to participate in a regional alumni event.
  • The organizer of a book club that has selected your book. People who run book clubs are usually voracious readers who love to talk about books—and about the time they got a real thank-you note from an author. The more people who talk about you and your book, the better.
  • The organizer of a book club that hasn’t selected your book because there are too many books currently in front of yours. A personalized “thanks for considering my book” note might increase your chances of being the book club’s selected read down the road.

Ask a hundred authors if there is a magic formula for selling books, and you’ll probably get a hundred NO answers. But ask a hundred people if they like receiving hand-written notes in the mail, and I bet you’ll get close to a hundred YES answers. So what do you have to lose? It certainly can’t hurt, and, as a bonus, it feels pretty good to do something nice for someone else.




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