Marketing tip: Reach out to bloggers

Last week I received an email from Leta Gail Doeer, an indie author and loyal reader of my blog. Leta has also taken my webinar on book marketing, in which I discuss the strategy of contacting book bloggers for reviews – and how those reviews can lead to other opportunities. Leta said she’d been reaching out to bloggers who participate in virtual tours for self-published authors, but that they were so inundated with requests that she wasn’t getting much of a response.

Undeterred, I did a little more research and found another great resource for Leta (and my blog readers!). Indie View lists hundreds of writers and bloggers who are looking to review self-published books at no charge. It also names the places where the reviews will be posted (e.g. their blogs, Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads).

I also suggested Leta check out this page of my website, which lists a bunch of bloggers who reviewed my first novel, which I self-published before it got picked by a traditional publisher. The success I had with my blogger outreach played a significant role in that turn of events.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to secure objective book reviews, so take a page from Leta’s book and start pitching yours!



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