Marketing tip: Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes
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I love receiving emails through my website that begin along these lines:

Hi Maria, I just bought a copy of Katwalk and look forward to reading it. I’m an indie author and a big fan of your blog. I’ve also taken your webinar on book marketing and was wondering if…

Try to imagine yourself as the recipient of your marketing outreach

I enjoy messages like this because the sender has not only shown that she knows exactly who I am by referencing my blog, but she has already bought a copy of one of my books and taken one of my webinars. I instantly want to help and support her, because she is helping and supporting me. If this woman wanted me to read the first few pages of her manuscript and provide feedback, I would probably do it at no charge. Not kidding.

On the flip side, I’m not such a fan of emails that go something like this:

Hi Maria, I’m the author of ABC book and wonder if you have any tips for me on how to promote it?

Each time I receive an email like this (which unfortunately is quite often), I reply with a friendly note asking if the sender has read any of my books or taken my webinar on book marketing. If the sender replies, which is rare, it is always to say that he has done neither. That’s when I know he has no idea who I am and is probably sending the same request to every author he can find on the Internet.

If you put yourself in my shoes in the above scenario, what would you do? I enjoy helping other authors, especially those who are just getting started. But I also appreciate it when people take the time to remember that I’m an author too. We all need to pay the bills, right?


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