Marketing tip: Make it easy for your readers to contact you
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There are few things I enjoy more than getting fan “mail”–in whatever form it arrives. I recently received a wonderful tweet from a woman named Yasminda that made me smile. I replied with my email address and asked her to send me a note. When she did, I checked her address in my database and saw that she wasn’t subscribed to my newsletter. I also realized she wasn’t a fan of my Facebook page or my Goodreads page. I asked her if she was aware I had those things. She said she was not aware but that she was happy to sign up, like the pages, etc.

The easier it is for your fans to contact you, the more likely it is that they will!

This was a good lesson for me because I’d always kind of assumed that the fans I have on Twitter are the same fans I have on Facebook, etc. And while I imagine there is a significant amount of overlap, it’s not comprehensive. Case in point: If I didn’t have a Twitter profile, I might never have heard from Yasminda.

In our email conversation I told Yasminda how much I would appreciate her help in spreading the word about my books, and she jumped to action! Within minutes she posted a nice note about my books on Facebook (with a link to my fan page), and she also ordered signed copies from me as a gift to her mother. How cool is that?

There’s no magic formula for connecting with your readers, but having a presence in more than one place will make it easier for fans to contact you. If all you have is a website, make sure the contact tab is easy to find. When it comes to book sales there’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth, so the more you can do to interact directly with your biggest fans, the better!



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Maribel Steuth Posted October 17, 2016 at3:14 pm   Reply

Hi Maria, I’m Yasminda’s mom and can’t tell how honored to your books that we’re personally autographed by with such sweet messages. Yasminda had told of your books and told me a little of what she had been reading and I commented that I’d probably like to read them. So she gave to me she is so sweet. I’m still reading them and loved them so far. I totally relate as well find them so funny. I’ve never reached to authors I enjoy because I always thought they secretaries that respond back but excited to actually hear from you personally. Thank you so much for messages.

Maria Murnane Posted October 17, 2016 at3:17 pm   Reply

You are very welcome! Your note just made me smile– thank you! 🙂

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