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I receive a lot of messages from readers of this blog, which I always enjoy. Lately I’ve noticed that more and more of you are utilizing your email signatures as an indirect way to promote your work. I think that’s a great strategy and have suggested it more than once in this space, so it makes me think (hope!) that people are taking my advice.

Many of the signatures I see, however, are kind of out of control. I’ve seen signatures that include hyperlinks to Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blogs, Amazon author pages, author websites and day job websites–ALL of them listed out beneath the author’s name  in a heap. On top of that, I’ve seen signatures that also include thumbnail images of multiple books. Some signatures take up six or more inches of screen space. Once I even received an email that listed the sender’s email address in the signature. Yikes!

When authors try to include too much about themselves and their books in their signatures, it looks messy, really messy. And messy doesn’t look so good. Messy makes me suspect that maybe the book (or books) in question might need a little work. Right or wrong, that’s the damage a chaotic email signature can do.

My suggestion for making a professional impression? Keep your email signature clean and simple. Instead of listing links with tons of characters, use brief text with one hyperlink. If you have more than one book, include a hyperlink to your website (or Amazon author page). If you list more than one hyperlink, you’re going to confuse people.

Here’s what my email signature says:


Maria Murnane, best-selling author and keynote speaker

Tweet @mariamurnane if you like my books!


If people want to learn about my books, or about me, or read my blog, etc., all they have to do is click on the link. Short and to the point!



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