Marketing tip: Choose your book’s title wisely
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When you’re thinking about a potential title for your book, I strongly recommend that you do the following:

1) Check on Amazon to see if other books already have that title

I’m surprised by how often I come across an article or blog post that mentions someone’s new book, and when I go to Amazon to look it up, I find multiple books with that exact same title. Not only does this confuse potential readers once they get to Amazon, it will also complicate basic Internet searches. You might think it won’t be a problem because your name isn’t the same as the other authors’ names, but I think potential readers are more likely to remember the name of a book than the name of an author. (That’s how my brain works.)

If there’s one other book with the same title as yours, or two but in a different genre, that’s one thing. But if your murder mystery shares a title with eight other murder mysteries, you might have a problem. It only takes a few seconds to look up a title on Amazon, so why not just do it?

2) Don’t make your title super complicated or hard to spell

I recently received an e-mail from an indie author who is about to publish his first novel. I think he’s trying to be clever by mixing two words together, or maybe by changing the spelling of a regular word. Whatever his reasons, it’s unfortunately not working because I can’t even remember what the book is called! I’m sincerely happy for him and hope his book sells well, but I also fear other people may have a hard time remembering the title.

Publishing a book is a HUGE accomplishment–it would be a shame to see yours fall into a black hole because of a poor name choice.



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