Marketing tip: Brand yourself, not your book
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When I consult for authors looking for marketing advice, I often find that they have put a lot of effort into branding a single book. This approach can lead to headaches down the road, which is what happened to me when I wrote my first novel, Perfect on Paper.

Here’s what unfolded:

  • As part of my marketing strategy I created a Facebook page for Perfect on Paper.
  • I wrote a sequel, so I created a Facebook page for that too.
  • I wrote a third book in what was now a series, so I created a third page.
  • I created a line of greeting cards to go along with the series—plus a Facebook page for it.
  • I created a line of T-shirts to go along with the series—and made a Facebook page for it.
  • I wrote a fourth book in the series—and created a Facebook page for it.

Somewhere in the middle of all of the above, I realized that I should probably have an “author fan page,” on Facebook, so I made one, then immediately wished I hadn’t made all the others. I posted notifications on the various pages about the new page, but I still don’t know how effective that was.



My Facebook author page


See what a mess I got myself into, despite my best intentions? From the beginning I should have created one umbrella page, through which I could showcase my body of work. Instead, I ended up with a handful of pages that became a pain to manage, as well as confusing to my growing fan base.

Let’s apply this same logic to websites. If you create a website entirely around your first book (e.g., what happens if/when you write another one? By branding yourself (e.g. or you can easily feature your book while also keeping the door open for your future work.

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