Marketing tip: Always carry a book with you
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Whenever possible, I suggest making a concerted effort to have at least one copy of your book with you wherever you go. You never know when you’re going to come across a potential reader, so it’s best to be prepared. I’ve sold (and given away) many books over the years simply because I had a copy with me. The reality is that most people will go their entire lives without meeting an author, so when it happens, they are often excited to buy a signed copy. Why? Because even if they don’t plan to read it, having a personalized autographed copy of a book is cool! And who knows? Maybe they will read it, love it, write a glowing review about it on Amazon and Goodreads, then tell their friends to read it, or even buy copies for their friends.

I try to have a copy of at least one of my books with me at all times

Here are some places I have sold and/or given away my books:

  • Airplane
  • Train
  • College alumni networking event
  • Dentist’s office
  • Holiday cocktail party
  • Starbucks
  • Optometrist’s office
  • Soccer game
  • Yoga studio
  • Friend’s barbecue

As I mentioned above, I’ve also given many copies away, which is a good strategy when the recipients are the kind of people who are likely to share their opinions on social media, etc., or are in a clear position to help you if they enjoy the book.

I realize that carrying a book around isn’t always practical, especially if you don’t use a purse. But if you have a car, it is definitely doable. Just toss a few copies in the trunk, and you’re good to go! The key is to do your best to be consistent, because you just never know whom you’re going to meet while waiting in line for that latte.


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Audrey Frank Posted December 3, 2015 at8:33 pm   Reply

I always keep a few books on the back seat of my car. Being handicapped, I can’t drive long miles to do book signings, so – to me – this is the next best step.
It’s a good thing writing to make money isn’t my main goal. I write because I love to write. If the book sells, great – if it doesn’t it wasn’t in God’s plan. I have a few loyal followers who buy every romantic novella I write. I just finished writing my memoirs – going on 88, I figure I might not be around that much longer, so I just let it all hang out. Good luck to us both. Audrey

Maria Murnane Posted December 4, 2015 at10:48 am   Reply

I like your attitude! 🙂

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