Marketing idea: Encourage your fans to spread the word
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If your biggest fans aren’t authors themselves, there’s a good chance they have no idea how much you need their help to spread the word about your work. So why not tell them? I created the “buzz” page on my website. It lists easy ways to spread the word about my novels, and anytime I interact with fans on a personal level, I ask them to check out that page.

Fans are happy to help you if you tell them how!

Here are some examples:

1)  My newsletter: Anytime someone signs up for my monthly newsletter, I reply with a personal note asking why they chose to do so. Many are aspiring authors looking for writing and marketing advice, but just as many say they signed up because they love my books. If they’re fans, I tell them how important word-of-mouth is and how much I would appreciate their help. For example, I suggest they post something about my books on Facebook, like my author page, or tweet @mariamurnane. It’s important to make it as easy as possible for your fans to take action.

2)  Goodreads: When people begin to “follow” me on Goodreads I also send them a personal note and follow the same protocol as with the newsletter. Most people who follow me on Goodreads are voracious readers and love to share what they are reading with others. They also love hearing from authors!

3)  Twitter: If I see that I have a new follower, I repeat the same protocol mentioned above. My Twitter followers are mix of writers and readers, and they always appreciate a personal tweet.

You’d be surprised how happy your readers will be to hear from you – and how willing they are to help you if you tell them you need help. The key is to give them the tools they need, which is why a buzz page is great.


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Deb Lane Posted December 2, 2014 at8:14 pm   Reply

I remember the first time I got an email from you – and it blew me away! It was late one winter night and I had just signed up for your newsletter, and voila! There was a personal response from you – saying that it was really you just sitting in your apartment watching Seinfeld reruns. I couldn’t believe that you took the time to respond to little old me 🙂 I’ve since read every one of your books, and have enjoyed watching your writing career blossom. Great job, Maria – keep the writing advice and great reads coming!

Maria Murnane Posted December 3, 2014 at11:31 am   Reply

Ha ha Seinfeld is the best! I think I’ve seen every episode at least 10 times. Thanks so much for this wonderful note. You just made me smile! 🙂

Maria Murnane Posted January 30, 2015 at11:05 am   Reply

Hi there, I don’t think you read my post clearly. I’m talking about fans who have specifically told me they love my books. They want me to write more of them and are usually happy to spread the word to help allow that to happen.

Maria Murnane Posted January 30, 2015 at2:55 pm   Reply

My personal interaction with my fans is always genuine. I respect your opinion, however. Have a great day! 🙂

Rebecca Hamilton (USA Today bestselling author) Posted January 30, 2015 at4:11 pm   Reply

These are some interesting tips. As for me, I don’t ask favors for my fans directly (only because of how uncomfortable it makes me when people put me on the spot like that) but what I DO do is post public posts (not directed toward anyway specifically) to my newsletter or social media pages with any giveaways or promotions I have going that my readers can opt into (or comfortably ignore). As for my interaction with my readers, we keep it personal. If they want to talk about my books, we talk about my books. If they want to talk about life, we talk about life. Some of my most supportive readers (always review my books, always retweeting and sharing my posts, always blasting recommendations on social media, etc) are people who I never talk to about my books. I want my readers to know I love them. Then, who they are, not them, what they can do for me. I see it that my job is to do things for THEM. Which is mostly to provide them reading and entertainment and also a little to be someone they can talk to about the things they want to talk about. It’s always nice when you can find what works for you, whether that is organizing your readers into a street team or whether you just want to enjoy your readers who have already done so much for you just by reading your books and reaching out to connect 🙂

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