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I recently read a book I liked and wanted to contact the author. Little did I know how hard that would be. After spending a few minutes searching for her on Google, I gave up.

Are you easy to find online?

Too bad for her, because as I know from being an author myself, I’m pretty sure she would have been thrilled to hear from me. Getting e-mails from fans is my favorite part of being a writer. But this woman had no website, no Facebook presence, no author page on Amazon, nothing on Twitter. I found zero!

Her book’s rankings on Amazon were also very low, so I don’t think she’s selling very many copies.

Word-of-mouth is a critical element of book marketing, so you want to make it easy for your readers to find you. The best way to do this is through a website, ideally If that URL is taken, try, or If that seems like too much for you right now, at least set up an author page on Amazon (use the Author Central feature) and include a photo, bio and e-mail address. Author Central is free and available to both traditionally published and indie authors. (Click here to see my author page on Author Central.)

When readers contact you, write them back! Thank them for reading your book(s) and ask them to please tell their friends. There’s nothing wrong with asking your fans for help in getting the word out. But if your fans can’t find you in the first place and you’re not already famous, you’re probably not going to get very far.

Happy New Year!

Maria ๐Ÿ™‚

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James W. Nelson Posted December 31, 2013 at5:13 pm   Reply

Hi Maria,
Just read your description of your new novel Cassidy Lane and loved it. You had me on the first line. Unfortunately, due to time elements, I don’t read romances, but if I did I’d be getting this one. I might anyway.
I wish I could learn to write such eye-catching description.
I don’t know if you will see the new address of my website, or if the new one will even allow me to submit this, so I’ll reprint it here:
Also, if you don’t mind, I’d like to know what you think of the address. Another online friend suggested just using my name, but I’m not exactly a known presence, like James Patterson, or the late James Michenor.
Anyway, Happy New Year, Maria!
James W. Nelson

Maria Murnane Posted December 31, 2013 at5:46 pm   Reply

Hi James! Cassidy Lane has romance as part of the story, but it isn’t a typical “romance.” Trust me! I hope you will give it a read. As for your website, I recommend using just your name. It’s too complicated the way you have it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rita Berry Posted January 4, 2014 at12:49 pm   Reply

Hi Maria:

I literally just finished your fourth book in the series of Waverly Bryson, and I must say I am so sorry to see her go. I have enjoyed every moment of her life from the very beginning, through her ups and downs, trips and falls, and now her marriage to Jake.
I love your writing style and I’m now an avid fan of yours! Right now, I am in the middle of editing my first novel and I plan to have it ready for the Spring of 2014. I have already set up my website. If you get a chance I wonder if you can take a peek and let me know what else I have to add to it before the book comes out!!!

Rita Berry

Maria Murnane Posted January 7, 2014 at7:58 pm   Reply

Hi Rita, I’m so glad you enjoyed my books! I hope you’ll give Cassidy Lane a read when it comes out in March. As for your website, have you read my blog post on the elements I suggest authors include?

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