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Earlier this week I spoke to the Delta Gamma chapter at Boston University, and despite the fact that I’ve written an entire novel, I’m having a hard time putting into words how much their enthusiasm meant to me. After I finished speaking, several girls in the back row gave me a standing ovation, and then a crowd of them rushed up to me to ask questions and buy books, Honey Notes and Honey Tees. Their energy was almost overwhelming, and I was so grateful for their support of  my efforts to spread the word about Perfect on Paper and my line of products at Waverly’s Honey Shop.

The next day a bunch of the girls added Waverly Bryson as a friend on Facebook, and once I started accepting their friend requests, I noticed that several of them were quoting Waverly in their status updates! (E.g. “Stuffed animals don’t belong in cars.”) And as if that weren’t flattering enough, some of them were also posting comments about how inspiring I was, and how I had made them really think about what they want to do with their lives when they graduate.

One girl even posted that she wanted to be me, which almost made me cry.

If any of the BU DGs are reading this, THANK YOU. I may have inspired you, but you have inspired me too. ITB!

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Ari Posted March 22, 2010 at7:52 am   Reply

We LOVED having you! I haven’t gotten much sleep lately because I’ve been reading your book in bed every night. LOVE it and yes, I must admit, I am continuously laughing out loud at the most awkward, embarrassing, yet hilarious situations Waverly gets herself into. Thanks again for coming!

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