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I often see self-published authors use the word “peak” when they should be using “pique.” This mistake is just one example of why I strongly recommend hiring a copyeditor if you go the indie route. (I also recommend hiring a creative/developmental editor. See my post about the difference between the two if you’re uncertain.)

Do you know the difference?

Here are some other words and phrases I’ve seen writers get mixed up:


What they say: This is unchartered territory for both of us.

What they should say: This is uncharted territory for both of us.


What they say: could care less about what she does.

What they should say: couldn’t care less about what she does.


What they say: He wished he could of been there to see it with his own eyes.

What they should say: He wished he could have been there to see it with his own eyes.


What they say: She wants to affect change in her community.

What they should say: She wants to effect change in her community.


While the above mistakes are minor, their cumulative effect on the quality of your work is not, so hiring a copyeditor to catch them is important. (If you can’t afford a copyeditor, beg a friend, preferably one who majored in English, to do it in exchange for a nice dinner.) That way, you can focus on the intended meaning behind your words and leave the nitpicking to someone else.


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Cinda Borling Posted May 21, 2013 at1:42 pm   Reply

Maria–congrats on the success of your new book! (I am one of the Phoenix DG Alums). As a reader, these are the types of mistakes that drive me crazy–I always wonder “Why didn’t someone catch that?” I can’t recall a single book I’ve read recently where there wasn’t at least one of these “wrong word” errors.

I am getting ready to retire from full-time work and looking for something else to do. How would I go about offering my services as a copyeditor? I have no professional background in this, but I have always been good at spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. Thanks!

Maria Murnane Posted May 21, 2013 at3:31 pm   Reply

Hi Cinda! I would suggest reaching out to your professional and personal networks to let your contacts know you’re establishing a freelance editing business. You might want to set up a website too- good luck! 🙂

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