I am not (really) Waverly Bryson! :)
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Maria -- not Waverly! Ha ha ha

Maria — not Waverly! Ha ha ha

Last week was the San Francisco launch party for my book– it was a great time! In addition to celebrating with my friends and family, I loved chatting with people (men too!) who had either already read Perfect on Paper and came just to meet me, or who were excited to buy a copy because they’d heard such good things about it. By far the best moment was when a woman bought a book and made the check out to Waverly Bryson. Classic! (That check is now taped to my wall btw.) Then the next day two different fans “tagged” photos of Waverly on Facebook. I love it! I am not Waverly, but then again I must admit we have quite a lot in common…cough cough.

Have a great day!

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Larry Thiel Posted March 8, 2010 at4:53 pm   Reply

What a great book Maria.
I enjoyed it very much.
It was very funny. I laughed so much.
I can’t wait for your next one.
You have an amazing talent.
You’re going to be very famous Maria.

Thanks for the book.

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