How to host a virtual book party
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Before my novel Bridges came out, a fan of mine who lives in Texas asked if I’d be doing a virtual launch party.  I told her I had zero idea what that was, so she (Veronica) offered to plan one for me on Facebook. With all kinds of events happening online these days, I thought it was worth a post to explain how she did it:

  • Veronica created an event on Facebook just like any other event, then invited me along with all her friends.
  • She made sure the event was marked as “public” so invitees can invite their friends, I can invite my friends, fans, etc. (In other words, anyone who has a Facebook account can attend.)
  • She created multiple “games” related to my books for attendees to play during the party. Each game is a fun question that Veronica will post, and attendees will answer in the comments section.
  • To add a visual touch, she made a cute meme to go with each question.
  • Veronica put all of the above into a detailed itinerary for the party, which will last for three hours so people can pop in and out. It includes a “roll call,” in which everyone in attendance states their location (and a greeting if they want) in the comments section.
  • Interspersed with the trivia questions will be giveaways of signed copies of my individual books—plus a grand prize of signed copies of them all!

I know I was fortunate to have a fan organize this party for me, but what I learned along the way is that I could have done it on my own, which means you can too!

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