Have you updated your Amazon Author Page?
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Did you know that you automatically have an Amazon Author Page if you have a book for sale on Amazon.com? To find yours, do a search on the site for your book’s title, then click on your name, which appears directly under the title. If you haven’t touched your Author Page yet, you’ll see just a list of your book(s), but you have the option of adding things like the following for your current (and future!) fans to enjoy:

A screengrab of my Amazon Author Page
  • Your bio—Tell your readers something interesting about yourself!
  • Your headshot—A professional photo is always a good idea
  • Your Twitter feed­—I’m not techy at all, yet I was able to connect mine
  • Your videos—Same as above
  • Your email address—Maybe someone wants to interview you or order a signed copy of your book 
  • Your website address—A great place to send readers who want to learn more about you and your work
  • Your Facebook page—Same as above

To edit your Author Page, create an account in Amazon’s Author Central by clicking on this link.

Even if you have an author website and/or Facebook page, I highly recommend creating an Amazon Author Page too. It’s free, and it’s a great way to connect with your readers­­. You never know who might want to contact you, so I’m a big advocate of making it easy for readers to find you. (If you’re worried about spambots, list your email address with AT and DOT COM spelled out.)

For the lucky authors out there who are selling millions of books without doing any marketing at all, maybe an Author Page isn’t necessary. For the rest of us, I believe the more you can do to pique the interest of a potential reader, the better!


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