Give your fans tools to help you
On September 26, 2022 | 0 Comments | Book marketing tips |

We all know how important word-of-mouth is for book sales, but how and why it happens is usually a mystery. As authors, what can we do to encourage word-of-mouth other than asking our fans to tell their friends? There’s nothing wrong with that, but even our most diehard supporters might have no idea what to do in any concrete way, even though they might really want to help us.

For that reason, in addition to asking fans to spread the word, I suggest providing tools and links they can easily copy and paste — and share. For example, here are some you can offer through your website, email, social media, newsletters, etc. In these examples, the hyperlinks are for my books, but they will give you a sense of how helpful they can be:

Marketing doesn’t come naturally to most people, but (almost) everyone knows how to copy and paste. The next time a fan tells you she enjoyed your book, thank her for her support, and then ask her to help spread the word … and offer some tools. You never know who might take up your cause, so it’s worth trying. A few posts on social media can go a long way!

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