Fun marketing idea: T-shirts!
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There was a time when getting T-shirts printed was a costly and time-consuming endeavor, but thanks to the internet that’s no longer the case. So why not make some T-shirts to promote your book? I did this for my Waverly Bryson series, creating shirts in blue and pink with the following quotes from my protagonist:

Soccer star Brandi Chastain wearing one of my shirts at a virtual event!

“Is it worse to be fake or bitchy?” –Waverly Bryson

“I know nothing, but at least I know that.” –Waverly Bryson

“Beer goggles are the lonely girl’s Cupid.” –Waverly Bryson

“Do not post what you ate for breakfast on Facebook.” –Waverly Bryson

Almost every time I wear one of the shirts, someone stops me and asks where I got it. I explain that it’s a quote from one of my novels, then smile and hand them a business card with a link to my website. Boom—a potential reader! I even wore one of the shirts to a Northwestern University alumni networking event in New York City, and I got a lot of attention not just for the books, but for my marketing ingenuity.

I’ve given away many shirts at book signings and events, and I’ve even sold some on my website. I’ve also included them as a bonus gift when fans contact me to order signed copies of my books. People love free stuff, so it’s a win-win. And the more people who laugh at what Waverly Bryson has to say, the better chance I have of acquiring new readers.

If you’re scratching your head right now wondering what you could put on your own t-shirts, that depends on the subject matter of your work, but I’m sure you can come up with something. It’s a matter of creativity, and if you wrote a book you are creative. Remember that!



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