Don’t cook your family, Rachael!
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The other day, a friend who shares my passion for good grammar posted the following picture on Facebook:

See how important a comma can be?

While this example may be a bit extreme (yet hilarious), it shows that punctuation is important! Too often writers are lazy about using commas correctly, but as demonstrated above, one or more missing ones can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

A missing hyphen can also have the same effect. Consider the following:

A) My book is a financial guide for small business owners.

B) My book is a financial guide for small-business owners.

Is your book a guide for owners of small businesses, or is it a guide for business owners who happen to be small people? One hyphen. Two very different meanings.

The above is an example of omitting a hyphen where one is needed, but I often see hyphens where they shouldn’t be: after adverbs. Adverbs don’t require hyphens. If you’re not sure what adverbs are, they usually end in “ly,” and they are often used to modify adjectives. For example, “extremely” and “highly” are adverbs. Here are examples of correct and incorrect usages of a hyphen:

CORRECT: He wrote an extremely funny novel that became a huge hit.

INCORRECT: She wrote an extremely-humorous query letter but didn’t get a reply.

CORRECT: She was a highly paid attorney before becoming an author.

INCORRECT: He turned down a highly-lucrative job offer to be here.

Commas and hyphens may be little, but they matter, just like small business owners do. And Rachael Ray’s family.


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Sara Posted May 4, 2012 at1:10 pm   Reply

Oh, my goodness! Don’t cook the dog, either!

I laughed so hard at this article that I startled the cat.

Good point, good post. PLEASE keep hammering away at these things.

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