Cover and first chapter of my new book!
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Cassidy Lane will be here in March!

My new book is the tale of a romance sparked at a 20th high-school reunion. Here’s how it begins…

“WHERE ARE YOU? I’m dying here.”

Cassidy sat down on the bed, cell phone pressed to one ear, and pulled her knees up against her chest. “Do I have to go? I’m sort of having second thoughts.”

“Stop it. If you don’t get down here, and soon, I’m going to murder you. I’m talking cold-blooded murder. Probably a stabbing.”

Cassidy couldn’t help but smile. “Were you this demanding in high school? I don’t remember this side of you from when you were attaching shoulder pads to your bra straps. Do you still have those?”

Patti let out a little gasp. “We must never speak of those again, do you hear me? Now stop stalling. You promised I wouldn’t have to go to this reunion without you.”

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