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Marketing tip: Make it easy for your readers to contact you
On October 17, 2016 | 2 Comments

There are few things I enjoy more than getting fan “mail”–in whatever form it arrives. I recently received a wonderful tweet from a woman named Yasminda that made me smile. I replied with my email address and asked her to send me a note. When she did, I checked her address in my database and […]

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Use your book description to show, not tell
On October 3, 2016 | 0 Comments

Your book’s description is a great way to grab a potential reader’s attention, so you want to make the most of that opportunity by using language that shows readers what they’re in for instead of language that tells them. In other words, if you think your book is funny, don’t say that in your description. Instead, write […]

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Another overuse issue
On September 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

In one of my previous writing tips, I discussed how distracting overusing certain gestures can be for your readers. The same can be said for overusing uncommon adjectives. I recently finished a book in which the main character was described as “astonished” so frequently that I finally stopped reading and (once again) did a search on […]

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Two easy ways to save money in your book promotion
On September 19, 2016 | 2 Comments

I’ve said countless times in this blog that if you want to get people to read your book, you have to give away a lot of copies. To reviewers. To bloggers. To the editor of your college alumni magazine. To the women in your yoga class. To the guy who cuts your hair. To the […]

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The power of a professional headshot
On September 12, 2016 | 2 Comments

In last week’s post I said that for the overwhelming majority of authors, it’s important to make an effort to connect with your fans. The same goes for having a good headshot. If you’re selling millions of copies of your books each year, no need to read further. Almost daily I receive an email from […]

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Marketing tip: Include more than just your book in your book
On September 6, 2016 | 3 Comments

Have you ever finished reading a great book and thought to yourself, I would love to send a note to the author, only to find yourself at a loss for how to do so? In my opinion, by not including contact information at the end of their books, those authors are missing out on a wonderful […]

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Marketing tip: Reach out to your local library
On August 29, 2016 | 0 Comments

No matter who publishes your book, there’s no guarantee that libraries will carry it. However, if you walk into your local library with a smile and a copy of your book and say, “Hi there! I wrote this book. Will you please carry it?” there’s a good chance the answer will be “Sure.” It can’t […]

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Why grammatical errors in your bio can hurt your sales
On August 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

I’m always looking for ideas for this blog (as well as a good book to read), so I spend a chunk of my day keeping tabs on the publishing industry. Often when I stumble across an article about a new author, especially a new indie author, I head to Amazon to check out the book […]

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Top mistakes a professional editor sees
On August 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

In a previous post, I explained the difference between a developmental edit and a copy edit. Today I’d like to dive deeper into the value of a skilled developmental editor by asking a pro, Christina Henry de Tessan of Girl Friday Productions, for the most common issues she encounters. Here are her top four: 1) Show […]

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Writing tip: Just keep going!
On August 8, 2016 | 0 Comments

When I’m working on the first draft of a novel, at times it can feel like I’m pushing an enormous boulder up a mountain. Have you ever had that feeling? It’s during those periods that I have to trust what I’ve learned over the course of writing multiple books, which is that I have to […]

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