Book marketing tip: Be resourceful
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Book marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be done professionally. Here are two tips for how to do it right without breaking the bank:

1) Barter for a high-quality headshot: You can write, and photographers need copy for their websites. I got my most recent headshot (below) taken at no charge in exchange for editing the site of a photographer I met in a women’s networking group. She needed my help as much as I needed hers, so it was a win-win. (Click here for her website– she’s great!)

I bartered for this headshot

2) Reach out to marketing people at venues where you can either speak or host a launch party: Large residential buildings often host events at no cost to the planner because it’s a good way to bring potential tenants into the building, and/or offer entertainment for existing tenants. For the New York City launch party for my latest novel, I was able to provide free wine and cheese to all the guests, not to mention gorgeous views of Manhattan from a penthouse roof-deck. The cost to me? Nothing! I’d originally contacted the marketing director of the building and asked if she’d host an event where I would speak about my journey to becoming a published author, and she agreed and also offered to provide wine and snacks. That event went great, so a few months later I asked if she’d like to host my launch party. She quickly agreed to that too, and I was in business. Renting a similar space and providing refreshments would have cost me thousands of dollars.

As you set out to promote your book, try to remember the above examples. You’d be surprised what you can get done for free if you’re resourceful.


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