Book marketing tip: Apply for awards!
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By now many of you know that I began my career as a self-published author, and that one of the reasons (if not the reason) my first novel (Perfect on Paper) got picked up by a publisher was because of all the grass-roots marketing I did to get it noticed. (Click here to check out my webinar explaining exactly what I did.)

Awards add credibility AND help raise awareness of your book!

One key component of my marketing campaign was to apply for awards. I knew that with awards comes credibility, and I was right! Perfect on Paper won almost all the awards for which I applied. That helped open doors to organizations such as book clubs, which led to more positive reviews, which led to speaking engagements, which helped open more doors, etc. That’s the thing about marketing – it’s all about getting one thing to lead to another. You never know what’s going to work, so you have to keep trying a lot of things.

While some of the awards Perfect on Paper won are no longer around, here are some still available to indie authors:

National Indie Excellence Book Awards

Independent Publisher Book Awards

USA Best Book Awards

eLit Book Awards

Global eBook Awards

This article lists some more.

Applying for awards takes time (and sometimes money, depending on whether or not there’s an entry fee), but I can say from personal experience that if you win, it’s worth it! And even if you don’t win, going through the process of applying for an award is a good experience because it shows you the importance of presenting your work in the best light, from the description and cover design to the manuscript itself.

You can also use the materials you prepare for an award application for other marketing purposes, such as reaching out to book clubs, newsletters, alumni magazines, etc. Now get applying!


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