Book marketing is an emotional roller coaster
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I get a lot of emails from authors who are discouraged because they aren’t having much luck with their marketing efforts. They want to know what my “secret” is because they think I have it all figured out.


Can I tell you something?

My “secret” is that I get discouraged too!

Let me share a true story: A few months ago I began chatting with the organizer of a book club that wanted to read my latest novel, Wait for the Rain. I live in New York, and they are in California, so we scheduled a Skype call. The group is part of a large social organization that has a Facebook page and Twitter account, so for weeks before the event they were promoting it all over social media. I wasn’t sure how many women would be in attendance, but I was expecting a pretty good turnout given how much promotion they’d been doing.

The day of the meeting, the organizer sent out a final tweet of excitement. That evening I got my laptop all set up, logged in to Skype, and was all ready to go. The call was set for 9:30 p.m. my time.

Then 9:30 came and went. Radio silence.

At 9:40, the organizer emailed me to tell me that she was mortified. Only she and one other person had shown up to the meeting, and neither of them had read the book.

What did I do? I laughed. What else could I do? Sure, I was disappointed, even a little embarrassed, but I wasn’t going to let it get to me because I’d learned not to let it get to me. If I’d given up on my marketing efforts the first time something like that had happened to me, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

As I wrote in a recent post, book marketing is a numbers game. You have to keep playing–and laughing. I guess that’s my secret!



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