Book marketing is a numbers game
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After years of referring to herself as a “professional dater,” a good friend of mine finally tied the knot last summer. She was, of course, joking about her title, but in a way it was true! She was determined to find the right match for herself, so she dated and dated and dated until she found him. To her, meeting the one was essentially a numbers game, and she was right. She played it until she got what she wanted.

My buddy finally found her man!

Book marketing, like sales – and dating – is also a numbers game. If you go into it thinking you’re going to strike gold right out of the gate, you’re bound to be disappointed.

I once met an indie author who had targeted five key people who were in a position to help him spread the word about his book. He had contacted them all and had heard back from two or three of them but was distraught that since then, they hadn’t been as responsive as he’d hoped. He was at a loss for what to do, believing his marketing had been a failure.

My advice to him (and to any author reading this post) was twofold:

1)  Contacting five people is not enough. You should be contacting hundreds of people.

2)  If someone expresses interest in your book and then disappears, you need to follow up! People are busy, and it’s not their job to help you promote your book. It’s your job to make it easy for them to help you. No one is going to fault you for being too organized.

Book marketing takes time and effort, and I know how demoralizing it can be when you feel like you’re not making any progress. The key is to be persistent – and consistent. You have to cast a wide net if you want to catch a few fish, so don’t give up!



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