Attractive men for sale!
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Hi Waverly fans! In somewhat of a “life imitating art” moment, I was recently invited to donate 50 copies of “Perfect on Paper” for the goodie bags of a bachelor auction in San Francisco on June 25. Yes, that means many attractive men up on a bidding block. Gotta love it.

It’s for a great cause (at-risk children), so even if you don’t live in San Francisco, please forward the link below to anyone you know who does and might want to attend. I went last year, and it was super fun! The guys range from professional football players to hot surfers to ex-models to Harvard MBAs. THREE weddings have come out of this event in five years, not to mention two kids (I’m not sure the kids were related to the weddings though…cough cough.)

Price of admission includes bottomless champagne and cosmos, plus a new Skyy Vodka drink called “Guardsamania,” whatever that is. VIP ticketholders can also attend a private champagne reception with the bachelors before the auction starts, so you can chat up your favorite(s) ahead of time.

Last year I was truly impressed by the quality of guys up for auction, and the organizer told me that this year’s lineup is even better (photos and bios are on the site). So please spread the word!!

Click here for the link!

BY THE WAY, this event is great for single men to attend, because there are so many women there looking for a date….

Thanks for your help!


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