A wonderful example of how to handle constructive criticism and feedback
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A few weeks ago I received a nice email from a reader of my blog named Tanja. She had recently self-published a book and had a brief, specific question for me about contacting reviewers. (I appreciated that because I get a lot of emails that simply ask “How should I market my book?”)

She and I chatted a bit, and she asked if I would have a look at the first few pages of her book on Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature. In our conversation she had mentioned that she planned to buy some of my books, so I figured I would check out hers in return. However, I immediately noticed some big grammatical errors, so I stopped reading. I was hesitant to tell her, but I decided to be honest.

Her response? She was extremely gracious and appreciative. She explained that she’d had the entire manuscript professionally edited except for the initial pages I’d read, which she had tweaked slightly and forgotten to send back to the editor. She said she would correct the mistakes immediately.

My response? I told her I wanted to write a blog post about her response.

Accepting feedback is an important part of being a writer!

The last time I encountered a similar situation, the (many) errors I encountered were in the author’s bio on Amazon. However, when I pointed them out and explained that they made me wary of reading his book, his less-than-gracious reply was along the lines of “no one reads author bios anyway.” Thus my joy at this recent experience.

I hope you will check out Tanja’s book, Heroes and Heroines, Stories of Love. I think she deserves a little love herself for allowing me to use her errors as the basis for this post. That takes courage!



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