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A few posts back I blogged about author Cathy Livingstone’s effective approach to soliciting reviews for her book. Today, I’d like to share a smart strategy for attracting readers to your blog.

Recently a savvy author by the name of Marlene Cullen emailed me to say she’d enjoyed one of my recent blog posts and wanted to request permission to repost it on her own site, with a link back to mine. Turns out she regularly asks authors to “guest blog” for her.

Marlene’s blog

How could I say no to her invitation? It was good exposure for me. And it was a smart move by Marlene.

I know a lot of authors don’t blog because they have no idea what to say. If you fall into that category, perhaps you can take a page from Marlene’s book. Reach out to others and ask permission to repost their content. Not only will it help drive traffic to your site, which includes information about your book(s), but it will also give you an idea for the type of content that draws visitors. (Installing Google Analytics, which is free, allows you to monitor the daily traffic on each page of your site, which hyperlinks get clicked, which search terms lead people to your site, etc.)

Over time you can begin adding your own content, but this strategy will help get you started. It will also get you into the routine of managing your blog on a regular basis, which is important. Book promotion, just like writing, is all about consistency. And who knows? If you contact the right person for your blog, you might end up in a post like this one. Good job, Marlene!


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