Dos and don’ts for soliciting book reviews
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A couple posts back I provided an example of smart book promotion, in which an author successfully landed a glowing review in a popular online publication just perfect for her target audience. Today, I’d like to dig deeper into the subject of book reviews by offering a couple dos and don’ts:

DO research reviewers that are appropriate for your genre.

A great way to find potential reviewers is to do a Google search for book bloggers. Book bloggers love to read, and they love to write about what they read, regardless of the publisher (indie or traditional).

Another way to find potential reviewers is to look up successful titles in your genre on Amazon, then scroll through their reviews. Some reviewers on Amazon have quite a following, and some also list their email addresses in their profiles. It takes digging, but you can find them!

DO personalize the messages you send.

Taking a moment to personalize each message is not only respectful and professional, but it will also be appreciated by the recipient. It’s easy to spot generic copy/paste emails, and they are less likely to get a response.

DON’T ask your friends and family members to post positive reviews of your book.

I read a lot about book marketing, and I’m surprised (and disappointed) to see how many blogs/articles suggest that authors ask their friends and family to write positive reviews of their books. I completely disagree with this approach. If you bought a book based on the positive reviews and later found out the reviews had essentially been planted, wouldn’t you feel deceived? I certainly would.

Securing book reviews takes work, but it can be done. So what are you waiting for?


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