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Accolades for Maria

“I am delighted to recommend Ms. Maria Murnane as an inspirational speaker. Our women gushed that she was an intelligent, strong self-starter with a developed character who exuded unusual optimism and perseverance. Other descriptions that emerged included, ‘witty,’ ‘confident,’ ‘classy,’ ‘friendly,’ ‘adventurous,’ and ‘persistent.’ Maria is living proof that strong, smart women can be highly successful and content in life.”

–Alex Kushman, Harvard University’s Delta Gamma chapter

“Maria is an excellent communicator whose passion for her work is contagious. The audience was captivated with her explanation of how she left her lucrative corporate career and put it all on the line in pursuit of the American Dream. Maria stood out among the panelists not only for her passion—but also because of her ability as a speaker—even when addressing an audience she seemed to be speaking to each person individually. The attendees were able to easily learn from her success and were inspired by Maria to believe strongly in themselves and what they were doing, so they too could realize their goals. In fact, after the conference many of the students approached her to further discuss her inspirational story.”

-Chris Zaccaria, Temple University MBA and MS Student Association

“Ms. Murnane’s humorous demeanor and inspirational story of publishing and marketing success captured the attention of attendees, and many lined up after the event just for a chance to speak with her. The audience was compelled not only by her story, but also by her engaging and approachable demeanor.”

-Teri Evans, Medill Club of Greater New York (Northwestern University)

“Maria far surpassed any expectations I had. She talked us through her obstacles, her triumphs, her failures and her successes. She told us a story—her story—about how rushing is not the answer, but finding yourself and your personal satisfaction is the true key to success. She inspired me, and the other women in my chapter, to figure out what we want, no matter how long that takes, and then keep pushing until we achieve it. She was eloquent, genuine, and hilarious, a dynamic threesome that does not usually come in one package.

-Ryan Cohen, UC Berkeley Delta Gamma chapter

“Maria’s positive attitude and inspirational message of “Never give up” was a great complement to our topic of “Successful Women Invest in Themselves.” Maria’s presentation and speaking skills were great as she told of her life experiences and the trials and tribulations of writing a book. In addition to her positive attitude and great presentation skills, Maria also added an air of lighthearted fun to our dinner that was appreciated both by our group and all who attended.”

-Don Garman, SVP, The Garman Group (Morgan Stanley)

“On behalf of the executive board of the 22nd Harvard-Radcliffe Women’s Leadership Conference, we would like to recommend Ms. Maria Murnane as a speaker. Ms. Murnane attended our conference as a panelist for an event featuring female leaders who have pursued non-traditional career paths and succeeded in their endeavors. Ms. Murnane was selected as a prominent female author with a unique background and remarkable charisma. Our participants commended Ms. Murnane’s congeniality and inspirational life story. Her ability to inspire and motivate participants to pursue creative endeavors resonated throughout the feedback received after the event.”

-Andrés Castro Samayoa and MacKenzie Sigalos, co-presidents, Harvard-Radcliffe Women’s Leadership Conference

“Not having met Maria before, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew that she was going to speak to the chapter about her experiences of writing and publishing her book. What I didn’t know was that Maria was going to be a very motivational speaker, but not in the traditional definition of ‘motivational.’ It wasn’t as if she had lost a limb and was proving to the world that she could go on. It was motivating and inspiring that she was a Delta Gamma who had followed her heart and dreams. Maria had accomplished more in her short life than most do in their lifetime and all because she believed in herself.  Maria has worked VERY hard to get where she is and that was the motivational part of the presentation.”

-Ashley Aoki, Salt Lake Delta Gamma alumnae chapter

“On behalf of the Cal Alumni Association of Utah, we highly recommend Maria as a speaker. She not only gives an inspirational and humorous talk, she is a profound role model for women (and men) who wish to pursue their dream.”

-Max Chang, Cal (UC Berkeley) Alumni Association of Utah


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