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AndiLit: “This novel is fun and really, well, cool. I absolutely loved reading it.”

Allison’s Attic of Books: “If you want to smile until your face hurts or laugh until you cry, then this is the book to get. So go buy a copy, get some hot chocolate and curl up in your favorite chair and enjoy the life of Waverly Bryson…you won’t be disappointed.”

Armchair Interviews: “A delightful summer read.”

As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves: “Perfect on Paper is just plain fun. Maria Murnane is a talented writer whose wit shines through the pages of her book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would encourage readers to pick up a copy.”

Bellas Novella: “The book is hilarious, with a lot of misadventures. Waverly is a really likable and relatable character which will pull you into the story and will have you rooting for her.”

Blog Critics: “Perfect on Paper: The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson is the often hilarious, often touching and always heart warming journey Waverly takes from a life that was only perfect on paper to one that is perfect for her…The best thing about this protagonist is that she is so perfectly imperfect. Waverly is the real deal without being ridiculously so.”

Blue Archipelago: “I found myself greedily reading this book at every opportunity to find out what was going to happen next – and then of course I was sad when it came to an end.” The Blue Archipelago also named Perfect on Paper one its top 10 books of  the year!

Book Addict: “I loved every minute of this novel. Waverly is a fantastic character, so likable, that I couldn’t help but root for her throughout the entire book.”

Book Bitch: “PERFECT ON PAPER is a hilarious and addictive book. I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down. Waverly’s character leaves you laughing so hard you cry.”

Bookfoolery and Babble: “Maria Murnane is funny. I think that of all the books I’ve seen referred to as an ‘American Bridget Jones,’ this one is probably the closest because Waverly is just so darned fun. She’s talented at work but screws up a great deal, personally and professionally. She’s endearing and makes friends easily. Her dating life is a freak show. Waverly is a completely loveable, goofy character…I loved this book.”

Book Nook Club: “The book is a lot deeper than it sounds at first. It’s not just your typical chick-lit; it has a lot of these fun little ancedotes that really make you stop and think for a minute before moving on to the next funny adventure in Waverly’s life. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone that enjoys reading a good, clean, and funny novel. There’s something for everyone in the book, and I couldn’t put it down.”

Bookopolis: “Maria Murnane’s humor and wit are apparent in this adorable story that kept a smile on my face until the very end. Waverly is such a likeable character, not in spite of her flaws but because of them…This is chick-lit at its best.”

Book Shipper: “This book is a little gem.”

Bookworm: “This is a fun, light read. The storyline is interesting, the characters are well written and and it’s got some very funny moments.”

Cheryl’s Book Nook: “Waverly has got to be one of the most hilarious characters I have met. Perfect on Paper is a must read. If you aren’t reading this book than shame on you as you are missing out on some great laughs.””Forced to be faced with the reality that the unexpected will happen and one must cope with life as it comes,”Perfect … on Paper: The Misadventures of Waverly Bryson” is a top pick for any faced with a similar realization.” “Waverly is a charming character who women everywhere will be able to relate to, as she navigates the scary path to self discovery and personal happiness.”

Forty-Three Things: “At times, this book was LAUGH-OUT-LOUD hilarious.”

From My Bookshelf: “OK, I have to admit, even for a guy, I really enjoyed Perfect…on Paper…a funny, witty portrait of a modern day woman trying to get back on her feet and in the dating game after such a devastating event in her life. Perfect… on Paper is a satisfying read that really doesn’t try to be pretentious or overbearing. It is what it is; just a fun, quick read.”

From the Cheap Seats: “With deft use of conversational prose, Murnane pulls the reader in just as a friend would engage her girlfriends over drinks, discussing her latest romantic interlude. A reader can’t help but lean in and ask for more, hanging on each word and signaling the bartender to get her another margarita at the same time.”

Girls Just Reading:”I read it in 24 hours, which with 2 kids is pretty impossible these days, so that says a lot. This is a delightful book and I was rooting for Waverly from the first page. This book is smart, funny and intuitive. In my opinion, Waverly Bryson is the American equivalent of Bridget Jones.”

Gotham Gal: “I really liked this book.  Well written.  Incredibly engaging.  Clever.  There is something about the main character, Waverly Bryson, that every woman can relate to…Bottom line…fun, light and a great page turner…Bravo.”

Joyfully Reviewed: “Oh my God. Not only do I think Perfect…on Paper: The (Mis)adventures of Waverly Bryson is fantastic, but I think Ms. Murnane is one of the funniest writers I have read in a long time…I hope this debut novel is not the only one that is in Ms. Murnane’s head as I will be first in line for another adventure.”

Joystory: “When I was told to stay off my left leg as much as possible and keep it elevated last week, I was really discouraged and tempted to be blue, but that mood could not be sustained under the force of the witty dialogue and hilarious, sometimes slapstick shenanigans of Waverly Bryson, the protagonist of Maria Murnane’s romantic comedy. Oh, I could so see this as a movie.”

Just Add Books: “Perfect…on Paper is fun, and funny. Waverly is extremely likeable and very real; there were aspect of her that reminded me very much of people I know, so I felt like I was catching up with friends. Perfect…on Paper would be the perfect summer read.”

Lesa’s Book Critiques: “I thought I was through with books about single women and their frustrations with their dates, women who had glamorous lives, and drank too much. But, Waverly Bryson and her friends are just too much fun.”

Linus’s Blanket: “All in all this is a fast and fun read, sure to have you laughing and remembering the college years and the dating days. Perfect beach or holiday read or just a fun break from heavier reading fare.”

Love to Read: Wow, I have to say this is the best book in this genre that I have read in a long time!!!! Ms. Murnane is definitely a new author to keep your eyes on, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!!! :)

Midwest Book Review (scroll down to fiction section): “As she reluctantly resumes the dating scene, Waverly’s personal and professional lives seem to be in perpetual (and occasionally embarrassing) conflict. The result is the highly recommended “Perfect On Paper,” a 304-page novel that is a deftly written, thoroughly entertaining, and so painfully possible in this modern age of competing demands between what we want and what is demanded of us all.”

A Novel Menagerie: “I think that Ms. Murnane has a bright writing career ahead of her and this won’t be the last that we hear from her… at least, I hope.”

Out of the Blue: “I found this novel highly readable and funny. I’d recommend to those who want a shiny, amusing tale to read in the summer. Or in the autumn, why not.”

Pop Culture Junkie: “This book made me smile and laugh, I loved it!”

Po(sey) Sessions: “Perfect on Paper was a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy.”

Pudgy Penguin Perusals: “Some of these scenarios will have you laughing out loud. Murnane shows her incredible sense of humor throughout the entire book.”

Rambles: “This is one of the best books I have read all year. I laughed so hard, so loud and so many times throughout this book and when I wasn’t laughing, I was smiling…I am looking forward to reading more from this author; she has made a new fan!”

Ramya’s Bookshelf: “Waverly is so adorable. I enjoyed her clumsy acts, her nonsensical observations, her insecurities, etc…she’s hilarious!”

Reading and Ruminations: “Perfect on Paper by Maria Murnane is one of the funniest books I’ve read in quite some time…So if you’re looking for a quick, laugh-out-loud fun read, I would definitely recommend this book.”

Reading Room: “For a lazy summer day, it makes one good read. It is racy, fast paced and keeps our interest alive until the end. The best part is most of us can relate to the story.”

Sam’s Book Blog: “I recently finished Perfect….On Paper and boy was it good! I was rooting for her from the beginning as I thought the author did a great job of portraying Waverly in a realistic fashion. She wasn’t perfect…she did make some mistakes and that was part of the fun of reading this book. As a reader, I just couldn’t help but really like her.”

S. Krishna’s Books: “In short, Perfect on Paper is well written, funny, smart, and is generally loveable. So what are you waiting for? Read this book! You won’t regret it.”

Style, Substance and Soul: “We love introducing you to new female authors, and Maria Murnane has written a laugh-out-loud debut which has the special distinction of not only being one of the first titles published by AmazonEncore but becoming a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards, winning the DIY Book Festival for genre-based fiction, and being named Book Bloggers Top 10 winner for Women’s Literature.”

Swan Lake Samba Girl: “It’s a really lovely book, sweet and funny with a cast of characters who are definitely very relatable…Basically, a great summer beach / plane / park / outdoor cafe — wherever you read when it’s warm out — read.”

Wrighty’s Reads: “Chick lit fans will especially adore this book as I did. The characters were so interesting, I wanted to hang out with her friends and slap her dates. When I laughed out loud I was hooked. And I am ready for the sequel!”

Writing: My Life: “Perfect on Paper was a quick-read with several laugh-out-loud (and quite a few cringe-worthy) moments. If you are now, or ever have, maneuvered through the dating scene, I’m sure you’ll relate to Waverly’s story in some way or another.”

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