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Another overuse issue

In one of my previous writing tips, I discussed how distracting overusing certain gestures can be for your readers. The same [...]

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saving money

Two easy ways to save money in your book promotion

I’ve said countless times in this blog that if you want to get people to read your book, you have [...]

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The power of a professional headshot

In last week’s post I said that for the overwhelming majority of authors, it’s important to make an effort to [...]

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connect with readers

Marketing tip: Include more than just your book in your book

Have you ever finished reading a great book and thought to yourself, I would love to send a note to the [...]

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Marketing tip: Reach out to your local library

No matter who publishes your book, there’s no guarantee that libraries will carry it. However, if you walk into your [...]

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grammar errors in bios

Why grammatical errors in your bio can hurt your sales

I’m always looking for ideas for this blog (as well as a good book to read), so I spend a [...]

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common mistakes christina sees

Top mistakes a professional editor sees

In a previous post, I explained the difference between a developmental edit and a copy edit. Today I’d like to dive [...]

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keep going

Writing tip: Just keep going!

When I’m working on the first draft of a novel, at times it can feel like I’m pushing an enormous [...]

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capitalization rules

Common mistakes in capitalization

Many people, authors included, tend to capitalize words that shouldn’t be capitalized, probably because they aren’t aware of the rules. [...]

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Track your marketing efforts

When your book comes out, it’s natural to want to shout it from the rooftops–and you should! So many people [...]

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