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When YOU’RE writing marketing materials, be careful with YOUR grammar

Posted by Maria Murnane | July 13, 2015

I recently received an email from a self-proclaimed “branding specialist” with the following subject line: Your invited: 7 Steps to More Dream Clients (workshop)

Needless to say, I did not open the email.

The workshop in question might in fact be excellent, but because of the grammatical error in the email invitation, my inclination is to think that it probably isn’t. This is just another example of why it’s so important to make sure your promotional materials are error-free. People are busy, so if you don’t make a good impression immediately, they quickly move on to the next thing.

As an author, it’s even more important to get your grammar right in your promotional materials because you’re positioning yourself as a professional writer. If a potential reader (or reviewer, or book club moderator) sees errors on your website, author bio on Amazon, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, etc., what are they going to think about the book itself? If they see you’ve mixed up your and you’re in the description of your book, will they want to read it? I probably wouldn’t. And unfortunately I’m not alone in that way of thinking. Most readers care about grammar.

If you’re confused about the difference between your and you’re, here’s a quick refresher:


  • This is your book
  • Your writing is really powerful
  • I plan to be at your house by noon


  • You’re invited to my house
  • You’re welcome to come by anytime
  • You’re probably sick of the way I drone on and on about grammar (but I won’t stop – ha)

You want to give your book the best chance possible of succeeding, right? So take a few extra moments to make sure your grammar is correct. It’s well worth it!



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