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My book is in USA Today!!

Posted by Maria Murnane | February 4, 2010

OMG my mom just called to tell me that Perfect on Paper is in USA Today! Click here for the link. It’s an article about the AmazonEncore venture into publishing, and apparently there’s also a photo of the book’s cover in the print edition. 



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  • tonya says:

    I just read that article! Funny because I recognized your name since I was recently researching past award winners of all the Indie book awards. Congratulations!!

  • JoDee Luna says:


    My mother gave me the USA Today article featuring your story and I was so encouraged and impressed. I am an aspiring writer with my first manuscript ready for publishing. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out which way to go in this self-publishing maze and your story inspired me. Thank you for pursuing your dreams and know there are other writers out there gaining courage from knowing your hard work paid off! JoDee



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