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Big news from AmazonEncore!

Posted by Maria Murnane | November 11, 2009

Hi everyone! AmazonEncore officially announced my book today…to be launched with a new cover in February!!

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Yahoo! Can you believe this is finally happening? I sorta can’t!!

I still have a bunch of “first edition” copies in my living room, so if you’d like to buy any signed copies as holiday gifts (or for yourself), please let me know and we can make arrangements for me to send them to you. I would sincerely be grateful for your business! You can reach me by clicking here. (I have to use a link because if I put my email address on this site I’ll get flooded with spam!)

And speaking of business, exciting news on what I have planned next for Ms. Waverly Bryson is coming soon. Stay tuned…


-Maria :)



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